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Equestrian Jacket with personalised embroidery
equestrian jacket with personalised embroidery
Embroidered personalised polo shirt
All orders are bespoke and made with love
horse coat with personalised embroidery

Our Story

I cover a huge range of garments, everything from hoodies, T-shirts, coats, personalised teddies to equestrian rugs, saddle pads, covers and clothing.


With the correct tools and communication, I am able to work on quick turnarounds with any quantity.

Through the Covid Pandemic Lockdown, I found a great passion for Embroidery.


In 2022 I purchased a Melco Embroidery Machine from Amaya - a trusted and professional manufacturer, who provide me with consistent maintenance support.


Since the delivery of my machine, I have gained a large amount of knowledge and experience, embroidering company logos and personal designs.


Since then, I have completed many orders making customers happy with their chosen products.


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